There’s never been a more comprehensive and entertaining atlas for kids, so put on your goggles and let’s go on a ride through the continents, countries, landmarks, points of interest, natural to man-made wonders of the world and more with Professor Maxwell’s 5D Atlas! Explore the Pyramids of Egypt, walk the Great Wall of China, and fly over the Colosseum in Rome in 360 virtual reality in this immersive exploration toy for kids! This kit for kids includes materials to also build, draw, and create dozens of projects, like using spaghetti and marshmallows to create a triangle while learning about the strength of suspension bridges! Explore some of the greatest parts of our planet to gain insight on landmarks like Machu Picchu, Niagara Falls, The Great Barrier Reef, The Grand Canyon and dozens more as Professor Maxwell takes you on a virtual journey around the world in this virtual reality atlas for kids!

  • 84 Page Book | This comprehensive book touches all 7 continents, over 30 countries, and some of the most famous landmarks and point of interest in the world as every spread comes alive in virtual and augmented reality in this unique VR atlas for kids.

  • The Science | It’s not just about the geography, but the history and science behind it. Explore the topography of deserts and mountains, then the oceanography of the reefs as we explore the methods behind the madness.

  • Immersive Interactive Content | Each page comes alive in both augmented and virtual reality to give you an immersive educational toy experience. Watch as the Colosseum builds itself in AR on the page, then trigger a hotspot and go inside to have a look around for yourself.

  • Hands-Free Goggles | This kit includes a pair of virtual reality goggles to create a hands-free experience, allowing you to flip the page and trigger a new experience without having to skip a beat.

  • The Materials | The kit includes a complete set of crafting and project materials, including clay, puzzles, a dinosaur dig out, building blocks and so much more so that you can begin to create right out of the box!

  • The App | Download the free app in the Apple or Google store and use any smart phone to trigger the virtual reality experiences within this VR educational toy for kids.