Prepare to step on stage and experience magic for the first time in virtual and augmented reality, with Professor Maxwell’s 5D MAGIC! Filmed at the Magic Castle™ in Hollywood CA, kids will have a chance to go on stage and watch popular illusions like levitation, splitting a person into half, mentalism, and even Houdini’s Metamorphosis as if they were there! Learn classic tricks like cups and balls, rope, cards and coins, as Professor Maxwell first invites you into his VR theater to demonstrate the trick, then teaches the trick as each step in the book turns into a video in augmented reality! 5D Magic will revolutionize the way we learn magic, with step by step instructions the turn you into the magician! This magic kit includes all the materials you need to practice and execute some of the greatest magic tricks in the world!

  • 64 Page Book | Includes 35 interactive tricks that come alive in virtual reality, creating a new format and play pattern in which magic is learned.

  • The Magic Tricks | We’ve curated a selection of popular tricks, including 4 Queens, Pen through Bill, biting a coin in half, cups and balls, and dozens of card tricks to ensure a lasting foundation of magic is retained in this magic set for kids.

  • Step-by-Step Videos | Each trick starts with a VR experience, taking you on stage to see the trick performed. Then, returning to the book to see each step and instruction come alive, as pictures turn into videos within the book.

  • Hands-Free Goggles | This kit includes a pair of Virtual Reality goggles to create a hands-free experience, allowing you to immerse yourself into VR and AR as you flip each page to activate the tricks and experience.

  • The Materials | This VR magic set includes a deck of cards, cups and balls, fake thumb and hanky, ropes, a magic wand and hat, and much more to ensure you can start doing magic right out of the box!

  • The App | Download the free app in the Apple or Google store and use any phone to get started! Simply insert your phone into the included goggles and look at any page in the book to activate the digital experience in this VR magic toy set.