Dive into a wild safari expedition with Professor Maxwell’s 5D Safari. This interactive VR toy puts you in the center of the action, with over 25 interactive animals to experience! Roam with the elephants, hunt with lions, search the high grasslands in 360 virtual reality to locate and identify different species of wildlife! Professor Maxwell takes you on a wild ride as we dive into the fun and crazy world of animals, with this interactive mixed reality kit for kids in 5D Safari!

  • 64 Page Book | Includes 26 immersive animals, from interactive 360 elephants in virtual reality, to an augmented experience of the African desert.

  • The Lesson Plan | Professor Maxwell will break down each of the animals, diving into their core values, migration and habitual behaviors, hunting and living patterns, to teach kids the magic behind the wildlife in 360 virtual reality!

  • Step-by-Step Instructions| Build physical projects and learn as the steps come alive in augmented reality, showcasing the process in detail for a thorough understanding of how each animal lives and behaves.

  • VR Goggles | This set includes a set of hands-free goggles to create a fluid and dynamic experience, allowing kids to flip the pages in the book without missing a beat in the educational content.

  • The Materials | This VR and AR kids kit includes everything you need to experience the fun, from clay to coloring supplies, you can dive right in. Learning through play is the backbone of every VR toy in our program, and animals are the best in achieving this!

  • The App | Download the free app in the Apple or Google store and simply point your camera to any of the pages in the book to trigger the interactive 360 VR experience. You can also choose to hold the phone without the goggles for a full-screen experience.

  • Virtual Reality | After each animal and lesson, Professor Maxwell invites you into his 360 lab to discuss the science behind each adventure in an immersive VR environment.