Jump into the kitchen with Professor Maxwell, and discover the wonderful world of food science while making your own meals and snacks! This award winning tech toy exposes kids to healthy and nutritious foods while breaking down the science behind each recipe. How does yeast make bread rise? What is gluten and how does it effect us? Whats the difference between good and bad fats? Why does cheese melt? Watch as the step by step images within the book turn into videos in augmented reality, then go into Professor Maxwell’s 360 lab to learn about the science in virtual reality! Empower children to make better food choices by exploring the science behind food, with 24 delicious recipes that you’ll keep for life, in Professor Maxwell’s 5D Super Chef!

  • 52 Page Book | Includes 24 delicious recipes with detailed step-by-step instructions, along with scientific values behind food. Learn about the chemical reactions involved in cooking, and even dive into the world of gastronomy to discover where certain foods come from!

  • The Recipes | Not only are they delicious, but there is a scientific value connected to every recipe. As Professor Maxwell provides a basic understanding behind dehydration, osmosis, gluten and so much more, We take these lessons into the kitchen to create fun recipes like blueberry muffins, lasagna, sweet potato fries and more!

  • Step-by-Step Videos | Each recipe contains step by step images that turn into videos right on the page. Develop the skills and confidence to cook by seeing every step in detail before diving in!

  • Hands-Free Goggles | This kit for kids includes a set of VR goggles to create a hands-free experience, allowing you to turn the pages of the book for an immersive educational toy experience!

  • The Materials | The kit includes a complete set of materials, including a spatula, whisk, rolling pin, poach pods, measuring cups and spoons, and even an apron and chefs hat so that you can get started right out of the box!

  • The App | Download the free app in the apple or Google play store and use any phone to get started!

  • Virtual Reality | New to the 5D range, go into Professor Maxwell’s 360 lab and break down the scientific lessons in virtual reality as we discover the science behind the foods! How is chocolate harvested? How do bees make honey? Go into an immersive world for a hands-free layered learning experience!