Dive into space exploration and discover the planets, stars, black holes and beyond with Professor Maxwell's 5D Universe! This immersive educational toy is designed to inspire and educate with a layered learning play pattern, giving kids to ability to digest the content across various channels, being book and editorial, tech and digital, and tangible play as kids use the included materials to build and engage in tactile play! Watch as Professor Maxwell comes alive on each spread to introduce the experience, then warp into virtual reality to explain the science behind our Galaxy!

  • 65 Page Book | Go into the depths of space and time with this 65 page interactive book, and explore the science behind our planet, solar system, galaxy, universe and more as each spread comes to life in virtual and augmented reality!

  • The Curriculum | Kids are digesting information different today than ever before, and layered learning is the new practice to ensure they learn and absorb the information across various channels and mediums.

  • Tangible Play | Build a compass while learning about the magnetization of the poles, color and customize your very own planet, harness the power of gravity and more with over a dozen games and activities to promote a tactile learning experience.

  • Virtual Reality Goggles | Includes a pair of hands-free goggles to create an immersive experience.

  • Materials | Includes all the materials you need to accomplish games, activities, puzzles, crafts and more.

  • Mobile App | Download the free app in the Apple or Google store and use any phone to get started! Simply look at any spread in the book to activate the digital experience.