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Studies show that kids require various layers of information, in different forms to grasp a concept or an idea. Our virtual reality toys and products are designed to motivate an educational, yet entertaining approach to learning. We begin by diving into the book and editorial content, from there, escape to an immersive world with the virtual and augmented reality content, and if that wasn’t enough, we finish by engaging in games and activities. The idea is to challenge children with layers. Regardless of the subject matter or content, our play pattern ensures that every kid is spoon fed the data in all three verticals. In todays world of bombardment and content overload, our range of VR toys and AR educational games for kids ensure a healthy and guilt free approach to harnessing the power of todays technology. Abacus brands is committed to curriculum based VR STEM toys, ranging from virtual reality galaxy exploration kits to an augmented reality Atlas, including breakthrough titles like VR Magic tricks, where kids can dive into magic with step by step instructions in augmented and virtual reality. With the launch of our original 4D series, being based primarily around augmented reality (AR), we are excited to introduce the new VR toy range which encompasses the power of virtual reality on every single page, making it the most powerful and award winning range of virtual reality toys on the market.

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