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Our range of VR toys and science kits are designed to work with both Goggle Android and Apple iOS smart phones.

The minimum software requirement is as follows:

Android version 7.0 or greater.

Apple iOS version 9.0 or greater.

Note that Apple iPhones 6 and older may not support the augmented reality (AR) functions found in our apps as Apple is no longer supporting updates for iPhone 6. We recommend an iPhone 6S or newer to achieve full functionality.

Yes and No.

No, the tablet would not fit into the included VR goggles, so you would not be able to experience any of the wearable virtual reality features with a tablet.

Yes, you can still download the apps and run the projects and see the step by step lessons in augmented reality using a tablet. When trying to run a VR (virtual reality) exprience with the tablet, it will be set to full screen as you are not able to fit the tablet into the hands-free goggles. You can still hold the tablet and look around the room to simulate a 360 effect.

Sometimes a spam filter or port can prevent our confirmation emails from reaching you. In this case you can “Skip” setting up the Abacus HQ Parent Portal app (which is designed to provide parents with progress and performance reports) and download the actual app by searching for the name of your item or by following the links provided on our site.

Freezing or stalling on a black screen is a general result of memory (cache) when other apps are competing for energy. We recomend shutting down background apps. If the problem persists, un-install the app, shut down all apps, and restart your phone. Re-install the app and run fresh without any other apps running. This will give our app priority in terms of memory and energy required to effectively run the virtual reality content.

Our products are designed to layer the learning process by creating a dynamic balance between book, tech, and physical play. We begin by introducing lessons in the book, then promoting tangible experiments and activities. Then, we invite you to enter a 360 world in virtual reality to attach real life value to drive the message home.

The purpose of the tech is to add value, creating an immersive environment where learning becomes play. We start lessons in full-screen augmented reality, allowing you to see the steps in detail. You'll then be asked to place your smart phone into the included goggles to teleport to virtual worlds and experience that lesson in an immersive environment. The VR experiences never last more than 90 seconds, encouraging kids to remove their goggles and return to learning in the book, and playing with physical games and activities before returning to the digital world!

It's important that you toggle the eye controls found on the bottom of the goggles to ensure the focus is aligned to each user. We also recommend that you wipe off any fingerprints and smudges from the face of your device. Also, ensure your smart phone is placed correctly into the goggle, centered with the lenses to the best of your ability. 

Our range of educational science kits and VR toys range from 8 to 12 years of age depending on the content and subject matter. Although we believe younger children can experience these items, the mentioned age range suggests use with limitted parental guidance. Children ages 5-7 would require significant parental assistance but will have no problem digesting the content! 

Not at this time, but we will be adding "expansion packs" to our range shortly. These sets will include the book, and all the materials, without the VR goggles (considering you already have this item) to grow your library.

Most smart phones are set to dim or "sleep" within a given time frame. We suggest turning off auto-dimming or auto-sleep functions while playing our games to prevent your device from falling asleep during an experience. 

Our digital content is triggered by pages in our books. When you launch the app, your camera is activated. You will then point at a selected spread. The key is to ensure you are not too close, allowing the camera (via the app) to see both left and right pages of that entire spread. This allows the app to recognize the content, and deliver that specific lesson. If you were to look away from the book, it would stop.

Yes, depending on the title, some additional household items are required to complete various experiments, ie dish soap, toothpaste, water, eggs, vinegar, ice, salt, paper towels, scissors, etc.

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