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Virtual Reality Dinosaur Exploration Kit



Come face-to-face with Dinosaurs through stunning virtual reality! Dino-Dig VR features a variety of dinosaurs, extraordinary skeletons, and intricate fossils as we explore these prehistoric giants. Discover the vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, the gentle Triceratops and the clever Raptor and more as they come to life in 360 degree, immersive experiences. Includes a collectible poster with detailed illustrations and step by step instructions. Use the included chisel and dig-out tools to excavate your very own T-Rex fossil to build and display, then put on the included VR goggles as we take a closer look at these fascinating creatures!

Materials Included

This immersive activity set includes a collectible poster and all the materials you need to dig out your very own fossil, including VR goggles to explore dinosaurs in virtual reality!

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